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Shafira Ayu Ramadhani, who goes by the pseudonym SHAFYNI, is an Indonesian director, animator, writer & illustrator. She explores themes such as disturbing fiction, femininity and mental health. Her works have a particular atmosphere to them and aims to spark emotional discomfort within people.

Following her academic 
endeavours in Japan and the United Kingdom, she aspires to bring back her own unique touch to Indonesia's creative industry and is extremely passionate about contributing to the flourishing of creativity in her country.  


Shafira Ayu Ramadhani (SHAFYNI)

Central Saint Martins, UK (2022-present)

​      MA Character Animation 

Keio University, Japan (2017-2021)

      BA 環境情報学部 


Employment history


Research Assistant, Haptic Technology & Design Research Lab (2020-2021)

Teaching Assistant, English Literature Lab (2019-2021)

Teaching Assistant, Malay-Indonesian Research Lab (2017-2021)

Architect Intern, Kharisma Asri Landscape (2017)


Works exhibited/screened at


London International Animation Festival (2023)

Cardiff Animation Festival (2023)

M Bloc Space Digital Art Shuffle Show (2022)

Emotional Reality Exhibition (2020)

OpenLab (2020)

Rikkyo University Multisensory Meeting (2019)

Keio University Open Research Forum (2019)

SFC Creative Week (2019)

SFC Touch Lab Festival (2019)

VDA 9th Music Gallery (2019)




Excellent Thesis Award (2021)

MEXT Top Global University Scholarship (2020-2021)

Global Interdisciplinary Courses summa cum laude (2020)

JASSO Honors Scholarship (2017, 2019)




Classical Animation Workshop, Vancouver Film School (2021)

Art Course, Yokohama Art School (2018-2019)

Japanese Course, Evergreen Japanese Language School (2015-2017)

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